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In The News:
Lower Your Cost to Print – Cost Per Page Program! Our unique program provides printers, maintenance, consumables and monitoring software. We will monitor and ship all consumables proactively to each printer location on the network preventing printer downtime. Also saves the time it takes to manage purchasing consumables, inventory expenses, and the expense of purchasing printers. No capital outlay is required! We charge monthly for the amount of pages they print. For more information call Compu-Call!

8553123121 launches new web site! 

Compu-Call teams up with 317-834-3378 for extensive output management solutions. 

New Product Announcements:
New 937-431-7372 Twelve new InfoPrint workgroup printers were unveiled in October!

New InfoPrint Continuous Form Laser Printers that provide the document sequence integrity of continuous form printing in a compact footprint.

New episodic Systems Released - POWER6 is the fastest microprocessor ever built and contains many technological breakthroughs that provide twice the performance with virtually no increase in energy consumption.

(780) 504-7100 multiform printer - Reliable high-speed printing for demanding business environments.

InfoPrint 4247-L03 multiform printer - Heavy-duty printing with remote management simplicity.