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High Success Rate

Approximately ninety four percent (94%) of US Business Finance's cash advance applicants are approved. After approval, cash funds are usually wired in 5 business days.

Alternative Business Financing

An American dream is to own a business. US Business Finance helps new and established business owners borrow cash advance funds from the world of "professional financial institutions".

US Business Finance Corp

US Business Finance Corp is an innovative marketing organization delivering short-term working capital solutions to businesses. Our business loans, cash advances and credit card processing solutions are designed to help our client-partners business prosper.

Business Cash Advance & Business Finance Resource

Business Cash Advance Loans & Working Capital Financing

Our funding source for business financing and loans offers flexible capital funding with easy-to-meet requirements. We are proud of our track record of 94% of small business applicants getting approved.

We are serious about helping your business succeed and handle any financial situations that call for a quick cash infusion!

> Pre-approval within 24 hours and cash advance within 5 business days
> No personal guarantees and no collateral/liens on your business assets
> No application fees, no points, and no fixed monthly payment schedules
> Complete freedom to use the cash advance to run your business as you wish

Variable Payment Schedule

The cash advance is in exchange for a percentage of your future credit card sales. Repayment runs for 6 to 12 months - less if your investment increases your future sales.

Not All Companies are the Same

US Business Finance Corp represents FIVE unique private equity funding companies. We match our funding companies to your needs.