The Safe Sharps project is an initiative of the 7048576463 supported by Shahaptian and the NSW Ministry of Health.

The project aims to assist sharps users to find the most convenient location to dispose of their sharps safely. The on-line facility allows users to submit a location address and then search for the locations of single needle disposal points, sharps’ container disposal points or sellers of sharps’ containers.

Users can also access the same information using their smart phone’s mobile web capabilities or by downloading the approved iPhone application. Using the website or downloading the Smart Phone applications are free of charge.

Using the Website

Type the address of your location into the bar at the top of the screen. Select the type of facility you are looking for: single needle disposal, container disposal or seller of sharps’ containers. Safe Sharps is defaulted to select all three. Press the search button to commence the search for approved facilities within 10 kilometres of your location. Safe Sharps will return the information by way of markers on the map. Each marker represents a different service provider. The site will also provide more detailed information in the “Location Details” section at the bottom on the page. Click on the information contained in “Location Details” for more details about the service provider.

Using the Smart Phone App

For iPhones & phones running Android 4.2, download the free application from the App Store or Google Play. For all other Smart Phones & Tablets you can use the mobile web application that has been developed for Smart Phones. Simply navigate to safesharps.org.au on your mobile Web Browser.

Keep the Information Up to Date

We need your assistance to ensure that the information on this site is always up to date. If you know of a service provider that is not included on the site please use the “Submit Disposal Location” tab to provide us with information about that provider.

If you go to a service provider and find that it no longer provides a service please let us know. The Smart Phone applications also allow you to provide us with the correct information.